Small Business Development Center at Ashland University

pexels-photo.jpgWelcome to the Small Business Development Center at Ashland University!

Have you ever thought of starting your own business, but was unsure how to go about setting up your business?  Or have you ever just wanted to talk to someone about the feasibility of your business idea?  Or maybe you have more specific questions, such as how do I write a business plan, or how do I hire my first employee?  The SBDC is here to help you with these questions, plus so much more!  And the best part, our confidential consulting services are free!

The SBDC is not just for start-ups either, assisting existing businesses is a large focus of this organization as well.  And just because we have “small” in our name doesn’t mean we can’t help the larger businesses, as the Small Business Administration that regulates the SBDC considers “small” businesses to have 500 employees or less.  The SBDC at AU can assist your business in areas such as developing growth strategies, marketing tactics, financial analysis, human resources, developing online marketing strategies, and analyzing existing processes for efficiency, just to name a few.